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Aramid Filter Bag

  • 100% Aramid Fabric
  • Good Abrasion & Acid Resistance
  • High Temperature And Folding Resistance
  • Filtration precision of 1-100 microns
  • Finish-treatment: Calendaring, Heat setting, Singeing, Anti-Static, ePTFE membrane and other treatments available
  • Available in a wide variety of top and bottom configurations, diameters and lengths
  • Options include ground wires, abrasion cuffs and expansion rings
  • Applications: Used in asphalt, quarrying, lime, foundry, cement, smelting, gypsum, paper, wood, sand blasting, metals chemicals and mineral processing industries, power plants and incinerators

Product Info

Needled aramid felt is a high temperature filtration media used in pulse jet baghouse dust collectors. This material performs well in dry, high heat applications. It is strong abrasion resistant and good for applications up to 204 °C /400 °F temperature. Because of its high strength, good resistance to organic solvents, non-conductive properties, low flammability and good fabric integrity at elevated temperatures it is better than conventional heat-resisting fabric. It is  acid-resistant, anti-static and can withstand tough filtering conditions. This filter media provides an excellent combination of filtration efficiency and dust cake release. InFil is using the finest fiber material possible in the market and high-speed modern needling equipment. We manufacture our own filter bags guaranteeing the highest quality, reliability, and consistency. A wide range of surface finishes and chemical treatments that aid in the collection and release of the dust from the bags. Custom fabricated bag designs are also available to meet the unique needs of your bag house installation. If you don’t find a bag filter for your application or need help choosing, give us a call below to speak with an experienced filtration expert.

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