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Reverse Air Bag Filter

  • Available in all kinds of filter media e.g. Polyester, Nomax, Aramid, Fiberglass
  • Provide excellent dust cake release
  • High durability with Anti-collapse rings
  • Available in all sizes, lengths and diameters for every filter media and bag configuration.
  • Singeing, calendering, heat setting, anti-static, water & oil repellent, PTFE membrane, PTFE impregnation and other special treatments
  • Applications: Cement, Carbon Black, Minerals, Metals, Smelting, Chemicals, Textile, Power Plants, Petrochemicals, high temperature flue gas, Paper and Pulp.

Product Info

InFil is a proud producer of reverse air bags for the metals, power plants, minerals, flue gas, pulp and paper industries. We build durability into our reverse air filter bags by perfecting construction techniques and raw materials. We offer reverse air bags for both cyclonic separation and media filtration. Our reverse air bags provide excellent dust cake release and folding resistance. These have anti-collapse rings sewn into them to prevent pancaking while cleaning. These bags can withstand high temperature and tough filtering conditions.  We offer numerous filter media such as Polyester, Aramid, Fiberglass, Felt and Seamless. Singeing, Calendering, Heat Setting, Anti-static, Water & Oil Repellent, PTFE Membrane, PTFE Impregnation and other special treatments can be chosen. Reverse air bags are widely used in metal, carbon black, asphalt, smelting, ceramics, glass, kiln, cement industry and high temperature flue gas filtration industries. Contact us below if you need help choosing the filter bag for your filtration needs.

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