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Glassfiber Membrane Filter Bag

  • Fiberglass Dust Filter Bag
  • High Temperature Resistance up to 260°C
  • High Tensile Strength
  • Available in a wide variety of top and bottom configurations, diameters and lengths
  • Calendaring, Singed, Heat-setting, PTFE membrane, Oil and water proofing and other finishing treatments can be chosen
  • Applications: Cement Plant, Coal Fired Power Plant, Steel Plant, Chemical and dyes, Incinerators, Asphalt Plant

Product Info

InFil Woven Fiberglass Filter Bags are special kind of high temperature resistant filter bag with excellent performance and very cost-effective. Normal continuous operating temperature is 240°C. Fiberglass has excellent resistance to most acids. It’s smooth surface is good for easy dust cake releasing. InFil Glassfiber dust bags are designed to withstand extreme hydrolitical and chemical attacks. Full PTFE threads are used to ensure its durability during operations. Combined with e-PTFE membrane, this combination ensures that the Delta P value do not elevate. Steady size, non shrinking under high temperature. Can be used in a variety of complex situation and harsh environmental conditions. General applications include: cement kilns, high temperature dryers, carbon black reactors, fluidized bed boiler, power plants, and electric furnaces.

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