Industrial Filtration Sdn Bhd | Filter Bag Manufacturer


About Us

Established in 1983, Industrial Filtration Sdn Bhd has been in operation for the past three decades and is well recognized by major industries as a manufacturer and provider of filtration technology and products in Asia.

30 Years of extensive experience in servicing heavy industries such as cement plants, steel mills, flour milling, waste incineration plants, waste water treatment, and Food & Beverage industries. Our products have a proven track record in these sectors.

From a wide and diverse selection of filter medias, we are able to find the right filter media for your needs. Our partnership with industry experts with in-house R&D gives us access to leading filtration technology for the industry for efficient and stable performance. We continuously find new solutions and filter medias for new and challenging pollution problems. Our close partnership with distinct suppliers ensures we receive filter medias with consistent performance, which promotes reliability for our customers and ensures their optimal efficiency during operations. 

Our Vision

To provide cost effective filtration solution that fulfills the latest environmental requirements so that we can provide clean air and water for future sustainability

Our Mission

To be a leading provider of filtration technology and products within the region by working closely with industry leaders to provide efficient filtration technologies and products to provide a sustainable working environment