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Polyester Filter Bag

  • Polyester felt dust filter bag
  • Good permeability and chemical resistance
  • Corrosion and abrasion resistance
  • Acid and Alkali resistance
  • Can withstand up to 150℃ operating temperature
  • Applications: Cement Plant, Mining, Grinding, Packaging, Construction, Wood Processing

Product Info

Polyester dust filter bag is made of short fiber and twisting yarn with crisscross and fine distributed nonwoven felt and post-processed by the hot rolling, singeing or coating. This makes its surface more smooth, not easy to be obstructed by dust. InFil polyester dust bag stitched with high quality multifilament thread is a cost effective solution for pollution control and product recovery. The Polyester stitched felt has good permeability, provides chemical stability, abrasive resistance and can withstand up to 150℃ operating temperature. It is the  ideal filter for medium temperature, corrosive and acid/base gas filtration. Suitable for the dust collection of mine, cement production, raw cement, grinding machine, packaging, continuous casting, non-ferrous metal smelting plant, wood processing industries

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