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Stainless Steel Filter Cage

  • Type: Flange type, U-type, Groove-type
  • Top Configuration: Rolled Flange, Split Collar, Split Ring, Slotted, All Wire
  • Bottom Configuration: Welded, Crimped, Snap, Wire Formed
  • Shape: Round, Oval and Envelope
  • Vertical Wires: 10, 12 or 20 vertical wires
  • Ring Spacing: 4″, 6″ or 8″
  • Available in all lengths and diameters

Product Info

InFil provides top quality stainless steel filter cages. We do quality analysis and testing of these filter cages before we handover this to our valuable clients. We have specialized team of experts who do quality checking under certain parameters that meets international standards. These are available in different types such as flange type, U-type, groove-type etc.  Top load cages are available with a T-flange, ring top or several styles of rolled flange tops. Bottom load cages are constructed with a split collar or split ring top. The number of vertical wires on your baghouse cage will depend on the type of filter bag media you are using. For a felt bag, you will usually have a 10 or 12 vertical wire cage. For a woven bag, you will commonly see a 20 vertical wire cage. The horizontal ring spacing on the cage can be 4″, 6″ or 8″. Our Filter Cages prevents bag collapse during filtration and aids in the re-distribution and cleaning of the dust cake. If plenum height restrictions are a problem, two piece cages are also available. If you have special cage requirements, contact us below. We customize a cage to fulfill your needs.

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