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Liquid Filter Bag

  • Polyester Felt Liquid Filter Bags
  • Removes both Solid or Gelatinous Particles
  • Singed/Glazed Finish and Silicone Free Construction
  • Construction Full-welded / Sewn
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes, micron ratings, top and bottom configurations, diameters and lengths
  • Applications: Water treatment, food and beverage filtration, papermaking, chemicals, automobile industry,  processing industry, petrochemical, coatings, electronics.

Product Info

The InFil standard single layer Polyester Liquid Filter bag can be widely used in a range of liquid filtration applications. All kinds of liquids containing trace impurities are mainly filtered to remove fine particles or suspended matter of various sizes. Our PE felt bags have large dirt holding capacity and can bear greater working pressure with small pressure loss and energy saving effect. The material is silicon free and meet all the regulations for food grade filtration. It  has excellent compatibility with water, petroleum, oils, organic solvents, alkalis, oxidizing agents, organic acids, mineral acids as well as micro-organisms. Temperature limitation is around 150°C / 300°F. If you don’t find a bag filter for your application or need help choosing, give us a call below to speak with an experienced liquid filtration expert.

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