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Filter Press Cloth

  • The optimal ‘filter cloth’ for your specific application
  • Type: For gasket and non-gasket type plates
  • Material: Polyester, PE, Polypropylene (PP), Nylon etc.
  • Available in different sizes, weight and thickness.
  • Applications: Chemicals, dyes, pigments, water and beverage, oils, sewage, smelting, wastewater and leather

Product Info

Filter cloth is the filtering media for the filter press. We have the fullest material of filter cloth supplying for different industrial solid-liquid separation demands. InFil offers different size filter press cloth for gasket filter press plate or non-gasket plates, filter press materials are also in a wide range such as PP(polypropylene), PET (polyester) or Nylon (polyamid) in different yarn thread quantity. All the filter press cloth will come with detail pore size and micron rating specification. Polyester/PET Filter Press Cloth: Polyester Filter Cloth possess the properties of strong acid- resistance, fair alkali- resistance and operating temperature is 130 centigrade degree. They can be widely used in pharmaceutical, non-ferry smelting, chemical industrial for the equipment of frame filter presses, centrifuge filters, vacuum filters etc. the filtering precision can reach less than 5 microns. Polypropylene/PP Filter Press Cloth: Polypropylene filter cloth possess the properties of acid-resistance, alkali-resistance, small specific gravity and operating temperature maximum 90 centigrade degree. They are mainly used in precision chemicals, dye chemical, sugar, pharmaceutical, alumina industry for the equipment of frame filter presses, belt filters, blend belt filters, disc filters, drum filters etc. The filter precision can reach less than 1 micron. Nylon/Polyamide Filter Press Cloth: Nylon filter cloth possess excellent tensile strength, optimum abrasive resistance and alkali resistance but have fair resistance to mineral acids and oxidizing agents. The maximum operating temperature is below 120° C/250° F. They are mainly used in mining and coal industries for its best abrasion proofing. The only shortage is that its chemical instability under high temperature when it will release toxic substance and pollute the solutions. So, nylon filter cloth is not accepted by food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

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