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  • Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS) Filter Bags
  • Excellent Flame resistance
  • Excellent acid resistance
  • Works well in high moisture content application
  • Available in a wide variety of top and bottom configurations, diameters and lengths
  • Applications: Dust collection of flue gas of coal-fired boilers, garbage incineration, metal smelting, chemical industry and cement plant

Product Info

Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS) is a high temperature thermoplastic fiber with excellent resistance to hydrolysis and so is a good complement to aramid fibers, being frequently used where susceptibility to moisture is a problem. InFil provides a wide range of PPS Filter Media, which is useful in various industrial applications. The acid resistance is Excellent. Meanwhile, PPS fiber does not burn, neither does it support burning. The temperature resistance is up to 200℃/392℉. It has mild resistance to oxidation so the working environment requires the oxygen content less than 14%/Vol, The higher the oxygen contents the lower working temperature. PPS Filter bags have vast applications in coal-fired boilers, but also for waste incinerator, coke oven, kiln, flue gas filtration, carbon black, powder collection, pneumatic conveying, chemical and cement plants and so on.

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